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Tofino Fish Guides @TFG_fishing
2:49 PM - 15 Dec 2014

Another terrific BC destination, Mio showing us what it's like being a BC local.

Pacific Sands Resort @pacificsands
3:12 PM - 5 Dec 2014

Goal setting in Dec...who has time? Start 2015 with an inspiring escape to Tofino in Jan/Feb and save!

Wildside Grill @wildsidetofino
3:49 PM - 3 Dec 2014

to perfection, our pulled pork ciabatta is the perfect thing for a chilli day. Cooked down in…

Tofino Fish Guides @TFG_fishing
8:31 AM - 25 Nov 2014

Donations have been made to the Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society ($1600) and Clayoquot Salmon Roundtable ($400).

Tofino Fish Guides @TFG_fishing
8:28 AM - 25 Nov 2014

TFG raised $2000 for the 1% for the fish program this past season. Thank you to all of our clients who matched our contribution!

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Tofino Fish Guides @TFG_fishing
2:16 PM - 16 Nov 2014

Your best bet Vancouver to Tofino Thanks

Tofino Fish Guides @TFG_fishing
7:21 PM - 12 Oct 2014

Some fun late season Coho fishing today. Crab traps included

Tofino Fish Guides @TFG_fishing
8:26 AM - 10 Oct 2014

Coho, lingcod, rockfish, prawns and crab on charters this past week. Come on out and get your fresh seafood.

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Tofino Fish Guides @TFG_fishing
9:44 PM - 14 Sep 2014

Tuna today! As nice as it gets offshore. Plenty of wildlife and tuna. Like Going to the tropics for the day.

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Tofino Fish Guides @TFG_fishing
10:48 AM - 13 Sep 2014

A nice Northern... beauty September day on the west coast