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Your safety is our first priority at Tofino Fish Guides. We meet and exceed current safety standards set out by Transport Canada.

Vessel Safety - Red Sky - premier vessel

  • Transport Canada certified - Small vessel compliance program, (SVCP) registered, Look for the blue decal. 
  • Registered as a Small commercial vessel in Canada - 'C ' number indicates vessel is properly insured for commercial activity.
  • Radar equip vessel - during the summer Tofino often experiences foggy conditions. Radar allows your captain to maintain a watch even in extremely low visibility.
  • Powered by twin four stroke engines - having two main engines is an important safety feature.
  • Inflatable collar life vests available.


Captain's certificates - Lochie MacKenzie - head guide

  • Certified Tidal Angling Guide (British Columbia)
  • Marine First Aid
  • Marine Emergency Duties A3
  • Restricted Radio operator's Certificate
  • Small vessel operating proficiency (SVOP)
  • Freshwater Angling Guide (British Columbia)
9:39 PM - 15 Jun 2017
Cuts to salmon enhancement programs reversedhttps://shar.es/1B0r3H 
8:57 AM - 3 May 2017
'Boat to Tailgate' tickets are on sale this week at Trilogy fish store. Event this Saturday 6pm. All proceeds to local Salmon enhancement.
11:02 AM - 12 Apr 2017
Get your Trilogy fish dock 4th annual 'Boat to Tailgate' tickets now! Seafood, music, and Salmon enhancement. http://www.feasttofino.com/play/ 
1:48 PM - 8 Mar 2017
The latest photos and fishing report - Get out on the water! http://email.incontrolsolutions.com/t/y-6BF1BAA8ADCB7E36 …
10:15 PM - 15 Feb 2017
https://plus.google.com/+TofinofishguidesBritishColumbiaCanada/posts/SM17dHqQJFj?_utm_source=199-1-1 …
8:10 AM - 11 Jan 2017
Too much impact: West Coast Van Isle. Chinook Dominate Salmon Harvest in Western Alaska. https://fnonlinenews.blogspot.ca/2017/01/bc-west-coast-chinooks-dominate-king.html?m=1 …
11:03 PM - 8 Jan 2017
Great shots of juvenile Rockfish we saw salmon eating in the Tofino area last summer. Rockfish Explosion http://www.eikojonesphotography.com/rockfish-explosion/ … via @
9:08 PM - 16 Jul 2016
Interested in getting into a few of these? We just had a cancellation July 26th. Give us a call.pic.twitter.com/6vS4B2uibA
8:25 PM - 21 Jun 2016
Looking forward to the @Tofino_SWC derby this July! Great fundraiser for the community of Tofinopic.twitter.com/kUUAfsuiDK
9:17 PM - 5 May 2016
Looking forward to 'Boat to tailgate' 6pm this Saturday @TrilogyFish do you have your tickets? @FeastTofino onlinepic.twitter.com/7PKR7amIeb
Certified Tidal Angling Guide